Thailand offers so many incredible destinations, sites to see, and historical presence to all those who visit this remarkable destination. Depending on where you travel to in Thailand the climate can either be sustainable and enjoyable or intense, laden with year-round heat and torrential rain 20 days out of the month. So how do the hotels & resorts that host the many visitors that come to Thailand year-round still offer impeccable grounds, and outside activities?

Chiang Mai, a large Northern Thailand city, is one of the most frequently visited cities by tourists, because of its rich historical roots & offerings that date all the way back to 1294. It is one of the northern cities that also boasts a lot of rain and intense year-round heat. Keeping the grounds and outside amenities open, available, and safe for its many international guests can be quite a struggle depending on what the weather brings.

In order to keep the grounds of the resort looking their best but yet still functional for guests meant that they had to be innovative. So the Four Season Resort in Chiang Mai was one of the first hotels and luxury resorts to change up the landscaping design of their grounds, incorporating some of the best artificial turf installation to be found in all of Thailand. Installing artificial turf in place of traditional and real grass was not only a cost-effective solution for the hotel conglomerate but also a great way to preserve the grounds and its amenities year-round, no matter what the weather brings. By opting for artificial turf installation in various places throughout the resort, tennis courts, guest pathways, and more were able to be redesigned to withstand weather conditions, and stay looking beautiful year-round. While Thailand is known for the beauty of its natural landscape, artificial turf has proven to gain momentum throughout Asia.

Many resorts and commercial businesses are beginning to utilize artificial turf and it is even becoming increasingly popular with those looking to add landscape design with minimal care. And because high-quality artificial turf can be incorporated with live foliage and plants if done correctly, adding artificial turf to any landscape is possible. It gives the people and businesses of Thailand another way to showcase the beauty of Thailand without having to worry about what the weather might do to the grass. Instead, more focus can be kept on caring for the vegetation. plants and flowers that so flawlessly incorporate with artificial turf when planned accordingly. And the guests of the Four Seasons or any other hotel or resort utilizing artificial turf are able to enjoy outside amenities and activities without worrying about the ground condition.

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, travel as we know has come to an increasingly abrupt halt. While some still choose to travel domestically, international travel is exceedingly rare, and rightfully so. But what does that look like for the travel industry and all of the major participants that make up the industry? 

With many countries still battling the deadly virus as well as seeing an increase in reported cases many in the travel industries and in industries in all fields are looking to find ways to rebuild and reemerge stronger than ever from this global crisis.  However, the effects on the travel industry have been detrimental and the industry as a whole will have to accept that there will be a long & lengthy road to recovery. One thing that does bring hope to many of those suffering amidst this pandemic is that a vaccine looks to be available to selected groups here shortly.  On Nov. 9th it was announced that one of the candidates for the COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer & BioNTeach, was over 90% effective in preventing the volunteers involved in the study from contracting the fast-spreading virus. 

After this incredible news, the travel industry did see an immediate boost in airline & cruise ship company share prices. Tour operators also reported seeing an increase in searches & bookings for 2021. The fact of the matter is, is that when travel is safe & people feel that they are protected against this deadly virus, they want to travel. Many didn’t get to take their long-awaited vacations in 2020. Many are enduring stress, depression, and a sense of confinement and they are ready to get out and enjoy life, their families, and the world. 

While this pandemic has brought about a lot of heartaches, loss, and devastation, the citizens of our world are looking to appreciate their loved ones more, up the quality of life, and take time for all of or at least a lot more of the little things. While we do have a long way to go all over the world in terms of getting completely healthy again, one thing is for sure, when travel begins to return to normal, don’t hesitate to get out and see the world and all the things you have wished to see. Life is short, circumstances are out of our control, and never again will we take for granted the freedom to get up and go!